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About me

My name is Klaudia Cieplińska and I am a professional photographer and retoucher based in Poland. I am free and open-minded to work wherever you would like to work with me.

In my photography world, the most important issues are your good experience and the best quality of photos that I prepare. I love to capture the moments of your day in a subtle and discreet way. The true laughter, the authentic emotions, the atmosphere of great happiness and real engagement of you and your quests. That story of your day kept on my pictures have a powerful impact of evoking memories through years in your families and friends. My pictures are modern, very good quality and because of my experience, I am able to catch those brilliant funny and touching moments of your wedding day without any disturbance from my side.

Each photo, that I take, goes through the process of my own postprocessing. Every wedding is different so my postproduction process differs. Using the same presets for each wedding is not suitable for my work. I will show your day in colors and emotions which are characteristic only for you. Sometimes it will be glamour gold, sweet rose, vintage greenish with haze, rustic brown with red accents, sunny colors or classical photojournalism in black and white. Everything depends on you and a story to tell.

Feel free to contact me via contact form on my website or through my social media.

Klaudia  Cieplińska - Photography
phone: +48 606 955 985
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